Category: Marloes Sands, Wales July 2015


My holiday has been fab. But I have seen some of this on the nealy perfect Welsh coast.  It either was washed up or did someone leave it there? Either way why can’t people refill their water bottles and make sure they take home thier rubbish? 

Fossil hunting and walking in Marloes Sands, Wales

At first it really wasn’t bikini weather: Still beautiful, attempted a watercolour Me and this little fellow found the nature reserve: And some fossils: Not sure if this is a fossil, I left it there, This might be a fossil to: And this is either a…

Today in Marloes, Wales

Breakie outside 🙂 And within minutes: Lashing it down with rain. I literally watched this cloud move in about the speed an elephant walks into view. Still, I didn’t expect Wales to be anything else. And then it brightened up, planning to go to the beach…

Milford Haven

View of the sea from a Cafe in Milford Haven Soya hot chocolate even in Cymru 🙂